Life doesn’t always work out as you plan. There are times that you may hit a rough patch and need a little extra support. Sometimes your social circle is enough, but there may be times when you need more.

My specialty is working with people going through changes, whether it is life transitions such as divorce or job change, new or worsening health conditions, grief, or loss. I am skilled at working with people in crisis, and those with anxiety.

I have a passion for supporting People of Color populations, and have the lived experience of being raised in a family whose culture of origin is different than the majority culture.

I believe in a collaborative therapeutic relationship as you really are the expert in your life. I look forward to offering support and joining you in your journey.


Support for Medical providers

Working in the medical field has a number of stressors that are unique to this line of work. Over time, this can be overwhelming.

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new or chronic illness

Getting a new diagnosis or trying to manage a chronic illness is stressful.

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Support for life changes

Life changes can be difficult to manage, whether it is a change in career, transition to higher education, following a partner to a new city because of their job, divorce, or anything else that is causing you stress.

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I believe in a holistic approach and combines talk therapy with bio-feedback to make sure we are treating both your mind an body.

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CCTS-I badge expires 2021


I am currently a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist for Individuals (CCTSI). Using various techniques, we can discuss trauma and hopefully minimize its impact on your life.



Somatic Therapy integrates psychotherapy and physical therapy to reduce symptoms of anxiety and trauma. I integrate Eastern Healing practices into my therapy which help with panic attacks and disassociation.

Caregiver Support

Supporting a loved one going through mental health or physical illness can be overwhelming. I'm here to help!

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grief or loss

Losing someone can be difficult. I offer grief counseling to people who need support

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Clinical Supervision

I am currently approved in the State of Washington to provide supervision to Associates pursuing full licensure (LSWAIC going for LICSW).

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“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.” – Buddha